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The Lie and the Lady

Winner Takes All, Book 2

He once posed as a lord and fell for a lady.

John Turner was thinking only of winning a bet when he swapped identities with his friend, the Earl of Ashby. He didn’t wager on winning the fiery Countess of Churzy’s heart with his lies, or on falling for her in return.

Leticia, impoverished Countess of Churzy, was publicly humiliated when it came out that she had fallen for the man, not the master. She fled when she learned of his betrayal. But fate throws them together again, and some things are too intoxicating to be denied.

John is determined to regain her trust—and her love—this time as himself. Letty knows what choice she must make to survive, but if she turns her back on her dashing rogue – again – will she loose her chance at love forever?

“Nothing less than brilliant.”
— Booklist
“A delightfully daring, tongue-in-cheek sense of both humor and romance.”
— Publisher's Weekly
“Noble charms and enchants with a lively farce of a romance as the hero and heroine sidestep one another while everyone else seems to get in the way. There’s loads of fun, but also tenderness and compassion. Noble certainly understands that combining humor, passion, a lively pace and a bit of mystery captures her fans’ hearts.”
— RT Book Reviews (4 stars)